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About Mr Zha

About Mr Zha
2019-01-25 · 2 min read
About Mr Zha

Welcome to my blog!🤝

🏠 About this blog.

This blog is created and managed by Mr Zha, and he would like to share some interesting stories here with you!


👨‍💻 About Mr Zha

Mr Zha is a gentleman has been studies at the Insititue of Modern Physics, Fudan University from 2017-2020 and was awarded the master degree of atomic and molecular physics there👨‍🎓. Before that, he obtained his bachelor degree of Applied Physics at the School of Physics, Southeast University in 2017👨‍🎓.


⛹ Mr Zha's hobbies

Mr Zha loves playing sports suchs as running🏃‍, body building🏋, basketball🏀 ....

热爱体育运动,包括跑步🏃,健身🏋,篮球🏀等 。

📬 How to find Mr Zha in real world

You can send emails to him, but he dosen't like being affected by spam.